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Jamie and TrishOwners, Trisha and Jamie have been in the service industry for a combined 21 years. Originally from the heartland of America; Lafayette, Indiana. (GO PURDUE!!!) They were offered a chance to come out to California and start a business close to their hearts. It was a long 2500 mile nail biting, hair pulling car ride, but when they finally arrived it was worth it. They love what they do and it shows!! They have had many pets over the years such as; dogs, cats, birds, horses, and even goats..... They are passionate about animals and hope you can give them the opportunity to show it. Since they started the business they have slowly expanded the services to include dog walking, pet sitting, dog park outings, dog bathing, pet taxi, and pet food delivery.

Dog Gone Pet Pros was recently featured in Today's Local News. Click here to download the article.